Class Schedule:

Monday and Saturday classes are taught by Nakagawa Sensei. Wednesday class is taught by another black belt level instructor.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12:30PM-1:30PM Beginner Youth
1:30PM-2:30PM Intermediate Youth
2:30PM-4:00PM Adult
8:30PM-10:00PM Adult Adult Adult
Get to class a few minutes early to warm up!

Dojo Etiquette and Rules:

AOR Dojo Etiquette and Rules

Adult Test Requirements:

ADI Adult Test Requirements

Kids Test Requirements:

ADI Kid's Test Requirements

Aikido Terms:

Vocabulary List - By Category

Vocabulary List - Alphabetically

AikiTaiso Exercises:

AikiTaiso Exercise

Taisabaki Toshu:

Taisabaki Toshu Exercise

Taisabaki - Concept:

Taisabaki - Concept

4 Principles of Aikido:

The 4 Principles of Aikido