Rossmoor Aikido Store

  • Aikido to JiuJitsu DVD
    Nakagawa Sensei's Aikido to Jiu-Jitsu DVD is now available for purchase online. In this instructional DVD, you will learn how these arts fit together from two of the top instructors in their respective arts.

    Click here for more details.
  • Gi
    We can order gi's at reduced prices for Rossmoor Aikido students. We have all sizes for both kids and adults. Before you buy a gi elsewhere, ask us about our gis.
  • Weapons
    Traditional Aikido weapons include the Bokken (sword), Jo (staff), and Tanto (knife). We have weapons available for sale at reduced prices for Rossmoor Aikido students. Inquire with Nakagawa Sensei for more details.
  • Weapons Bag
    In addition to weapons, we also have travel bags available for your weapons. Inquire with us about our weapons bags.